Huion GT-220 v2 pen display review

I’ve been using this pen display for a year. Since I need to write something down on my blog. I think it is good idea to make a summary of all tablets that I’ve used before.

Huion GT-220 v2

I had an old Wacom Intuos 4M. It aged a lot so I was looking forward a new tablet at that point. However the price of Wacom product is way beyond my budget. I had to search for an alternative. And then I picked up Huion GT-220 v2. Reason was simple, I wanted a pen display as large as possible and had a reasonable price. 

After I received it, WOW, it was large, and it was heavy indeed. I weighted it, the package was over 16 lbs. 

(opens in a new tab)”>My review then–>

  • The cable can be confusing but I only need 3 of them. HDMI, USB, and power cord. I set up the monitor as extended screen and it has no problem. I’m planning to add one more monitor but I need the HDMI split port first. I’ll see how that works.
  • I didn’t have any problem with all cords at the bottom as other review mentioned. There is plenty room down there for all cords.
  • I use painter and PS. Both worked well. I used to use Wacom Intuos 4M and I feel no “learning curve” when I switch to Huion GT-220 V2. I just draw as usual and everything looks fine. And I always use my keyboard for all express keys.
  • The top left part of this pen display will get warmer after a while. Not hot, just warm as your body temperature.
  • The screen protector does not feel even at the beginning. So for the first several hours I would feel some smooth part and some scratchy part. But after drawing for a few sections, most of the screen protector in the drawing area will be even out.
  • You’d better draw at your eye level. Move the section you are drawing to your eye level. Yes, this is a big screen but don’t try to draw a picture without moving around. When you draw towards the lower part or edge it won’t be that accurate. This is not because the product is wrong, it is simply because you are looking down/left/right and there will be an error between your eye and your hand.
  • This thing saved my eyes! When I use graphite tablet I have to stare really focus in order to get accurate line. My eyes are tired of following the little brush circle on the screen. But with pen display, I don’t have to focus on the little circle but the content I am working because I can sense where my hand is. My hand is always in my vision. I hope this makes some sense. 😀
  • The color is wonderful. When I open my finished picture with my laptop monitor I feel more “grey”. But the pen display shows the color I want.
  • Oh, almost forgot. The pen charging cable is tricky. Mine needs a specific angle/direction to let the LED light work. But I can deal with it.
  • No tile sensitivity doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I feel better without it.

After one year, I have to disagree some of my old points.

  • The charging pen is annoying. For the most of time, I do traditional painting. I have limited space which means I need to put my pen display away while I am working with oil or ink. So whenever I want to painting with my tablet, the stylus pen has no battery. o(╯□╰)o I have to wait couple of hours for charging.
  • Don’t go to big. The big screen can be tempting but please be careful. It was not easy to move it around and left me no more space for other things I need. The most important issue, I am not that tall and my arms are normal. I found myself not using 1/3 of the tablet. In another word, even it was a big screen, I only worked with relatively small area.

These are the two major reasons that I want to upgrade this pen display to another one. Fortunately, I do find that Huion and VEIKK are making pen display with battery free stylus pen. I’ll write more about those tablets. They are amazing for that price. 

Finally, here is my drawing with this Huion GT220 v2 pen display. Hope you would like it O(∩_∩)O

Thank you~


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I was a chemistry student. After working in industry for a while, I struggle with myself for a really long time. I try to get my mind straight and I finally realize that I want to create in terms of painting and drawing. Although I know that I start it late, I want to keep moving forward. Even just a little bit everyday.

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