DIY Wood painting drying rack

As my painting panels build up I need something to hold everything while save some space. But when I search online I was shocked that all decent painting/drying rack cost like $150+, some of them even up to $500. So I start to think about DIY project. I only had a rough idea when I purchased materials at Lowe’s. I modify my rough plan along the process to make sure it would work. I don’t need this to be fancy looking, I just need it to work as I expected and gives me some experience so that next time I know where to start.

All materials cost under $30, if you chose the most economy wood in the store it would cost even less. But I am picky about wood so I put some extra to get nice board. It took me around 4 hours to finish. I didn’t do any stain or varnish or something like that because someone at my household is allergic to those chemicals. 
And here it is! You can see that I am too lazy to remove all the price stickers. Haha~

All my painting panels are small size, up to 12 inch. For medium to large size I would use stretched canvas. If you are interested in this project, please leave me comment. I will refine my plan and process to give you a better idea.

Thank you all~

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