DIY Painting palette

I watched this video of Andrew Tischler on Youtube about studio palette. I think this was brilliant and I keep thinking how can I make a similar one. While I don’t need that big since I have a really tight space. But I do like the glass surface and it can stand by itself. 

So I was thinking and thinking and suddenly I think about photo frame.

  • It is glass surface
  • The glass has been framed so it is safely to handle
  • It stands by itself. All I need is a gray background. At first I though a gray sheet would be enough but the little distance between the sheet and glass makes shadow. So I follow Andrew’s method, I spray the back of the glass with gray paint. And ta-da, it works!

I use an old unused frame about 8×8. It is a perfect size for my tight space. And very easy clean ^_^

Hope you enjoy it and have fun.

Thank you~

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