Goodbye 2018~Welcome 2019~

As always, time flies.

Actually I feel I am pushed by all retail stores. They always put on seasonal stuff couple of months earlier. For example, now you can find all Valentine’s day gifts in there.

As they rush through the year, I always feel that might be I could have done more. But something takes time I know. I hope in 2019 I could rise up myself in a whole new level.

At the end of this year, I traveled to clearwater beach in Florida with my family. They have beautiful sunset. I took some photos with my cellphone.

Sunset at clearwater beach, Florida.

The day we traveled there was full moon. In the next morning we found bunch of strange stuff that I can’t call their names in English.

We also picked up some sea shells, a little bit sand. And I made my own souvenir bottle. By the way, the beach is fantastic! It is the finest white sand I’ve ever seen.

Handmade DIY sand bottle.

For those really big shells, I put them in an old glass jar with some decorative spheres from Hobby Lobby and made my own living room decor. PS: what you see at the bottom of the jar is actually bean bag filling. 😀

I hope you would enjoy this decor and happy new year to you all.

Thank you~O(∩_∩)O

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