Summary of some reference photo websites

As we need all kinds of reference photo today, there are so many of websites that provide what so called royalty free photos. Here I want to make a short summary of websites that I’ve tried. I can’t say which one is good or which one is bad. Only if you may find the one that you need.

I group them by their cost level.

Group 1> Free stock photos

These website are very similar. You can find a lot identical photos on each of them. But you can also find surprising one. When I have spare time I’d love to browse these websites and find some really good photos and inspiration. One thing these website do have is donation. For example they would kindly ask you to buy the photographer a cup of coffee. It is not mandatory and I think it makes sense.

Group 2> $–>$$ cost

These websites have their own unique photos with fairly logical price. I used one year of Graphic Stock through Lisa Lachri’s referral link. I think it is OK but not WOW me. I also purchased 2 packs of photo from Jason Morgan’s website. I love several of them, about 20% I would say. Now I prefer FeaturePics. I find a lot amazing photos there. And their plan gives me freedom in terms of when and which photo I want with as less as $1. I don’t have to worry about monthly subscription. As to the Wildlife Reference Photos for Artists, they have more options than Jason Morgan’s one. They also offer discount from time to time such as 5 photos for $10.

Group 3> $$$+

Let me be honest, these websites have stunning photos but they are also not that affordable. Sometimes I would look at their photos and go back to FeaturePics or Public Domain. But please feel free to check out these websites and their plans. If you feel worth it then dive in!

Other than the websites I’ve mentioned here, there are also many stock photos that you can check such as Adobe one. But what I have here are enough to keep me busy. 😀

Thank you and best wishes~

Happy New Year~❤

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