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At the end of last year, 2018, I wanted to upgrade my pen display. I used to have a Huion GT-220 v2. I saw they had this battery-free stylus pen on newer version so I decided to give it try. So I purchased Huion GT-191 v2. I had review for this product on my blog.

Well the overall experience was good but I started to notice there were horizontal flickering lines all over the screen. At that time I though I had a defect item. And might be the what so called pro version would be better. Then I returned the GT-191 v2 and purchased the Huion GT-192 pro which also had this battery-free stylus pen. I also had review for this product on my blog. However, despite it was a slim and good looking drawing tablet. I still can see those horizontal flickering lines all over the screen. I contacted the customer service at once. The only suggestion they gave me after couple of days was unplugging and plugging again. After the second pen display I finally figured out that this flickering lines were related to the battery-free pen. When I put the pen on top of screen, lines became heavier and more visible, especially when I applied some pressure on it. Those lines were shouting.

Of course I returned that one too. What happened next was not in my plan. I purchased back the original version of GT-191 with the charging stylus pen. Because I did not recall any screen issue with my GT-220 v2. I thought it was the end of this purchasing and returning business. I did like pressure sensitivity of Huion tablets.

Huion GT-192 pro pen display

I was wrong again.

The GT-191 came without pre-installed screen protector. Since the surface of monitor was simply glass, it was very important for me to have a paper feel, matte finished screen protector. All other 3 pen displays I’ve talked above came with pre-installed screen protector. Not this GT-191. It took me tons of time and efforts and still it looked ugly as hell. The extra screen protector cost over 50 bucks. I was so frustrated and disappointed. Even my parents noticed that I was so upset. I was struggle with the question “should I keep it or return it”. Thanks to Amazon I felt free when returned these tablets. And thanks to my dad who got me a Wacom Cintiq 22HD.


And at this point, I received another reply from Huion said, yes, there will be flickering lines on large size monitor so they suggested me to purchase the smaller size such as 13 HD or 16 pro.

Really? That’s all you can tell me? Have a smaller tablet?

So here, as in general, I would advice those who want a Huion pen display go for the charging pen model. And if you go for GT-191, please be prepared for another screen protector because you might easily destroy the first one. I would not recommend their newer model with battery-free pen unless you can handle those flickering lines.

But, my story doesn’t end here. LOL.

I plug in my Wacom Cintiq 22 and guess what, yes, I see the flickering lines again! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ After drawing on Cintiq for sometime and also searching online for resolution, I understand that this is a batter-free pen display all time issue. The differences are, Huion’s pen display has the flickering lines ALL THE TIME and ALL OVER THE SCREEN. Cintiq, on the other hand, only has this issue when you use stylus pen at the bottom 1/3 part of monitor. If you use Cintiq simply as a monitor, no problem, if you draw around middle to top part of screen, almost without problem. When you draw close to the bottom part and only with dark grey (or similar value) background, you would notice an inch wide column of horizontal flickering lines around the pen nib.

Finally, I’ve compromised. It is Cintiq after all. 。◕ᴗ◕。

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