Digital painting of Bruce Greenwood

This is a practice for me to explore and adjust some brushes in my digital drawing software. Most of time I tend to use one single brush to finish all work. So I have to force myself try something new and play with dozes of parameters on each brush.

I was watching movie <Spectral> when I drew this piece and I found him as general again. ^_^. I like how he played as general/admiral, especially captain Pike from <Star Trek>. Well, as to the movie, the idea was really interesting.

Among all those time travel, space travel and DNA related topic, this what they called Bose-Einstein condensate feels fresh. I spent days searching and reading and trying to understand this concept. Although it might have some theory and logic bugs (all other Sci-Fi movies do), I think this movie did a good job on telling a story and building characters.

I hope you would enjoy this movie as I did.

Thank you.

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