Summary for sprays that I’ve used

Here I would like to list several art sprays that I’ve used as a reference.


  • SpectraFix Spray Fixative
  • Krylon Satin Finish Spray Fixative
  • Krylon Workable Matte Fixatif
  • Krylon Gallery Series Conservation Varnish
  • Krylon Gallery Series Quick Dry for Oil Paintings
  • Krylon Gallery Series Fine Art Fixatif
  • Krylon Gallery Series UV Archival Varnish
  • Krylon Gallery Series Conservation Retouch Varnish
  1. SpectraFix Spray Fixative

I tried this one because it can be used indoor and it is labeled as non hazardous. However I bought the concentrate one which required alcohol to dilute. While I got a bottle of Everclear and regular spray bottle but it didn’t work well. The regular spray bottle generated large droplets. So I purchased the what so called fine mist water sprayer.

The result was better but still, there were droplets. They were not large droplets but small droplets. There is no way that this sprayer can reach the level of an aerosol can. And this bottle costs 10 bucks! If I wanted an even layer I had to spray a lot which literally washed away my lighter pastel color. The finishing piece turned out at least one shade darker that before. I know might be I need more practice on how to spray this thing. But, I would say that if you are not obsessed with non hazardous and indoor use label, go for the aerosol can. It will save a lot time and energy.

2. Krylon Satin Finish Spray Fixative

I only used this one on some oil sketching pieces. They turned out to be fine. I also used this one on small wood crafts. They were fine too. Nothing so special.

3. Krylon Workable Matte Fixatif

I used this one on several colored pencil and oil pastel pieces. On oil pastel they were fine. No damage or melting of the paint and I can put some layers, not many. On colored pencil they were fine too. It seems to leave a stain waxy feeling film on the paper but no change on the color or texture. I didn’t try it on pastel drawings since I’ve seen some pastel artists said try to avoid this product. I’m not sure why but I keep looking for other products.

4. Krylon Gallery Series Conservation Varnish

I use this one as final varnish for my oil paintings and I like it so far. It dries fast and leaves no trace. Sometimes it might seem has bubbles right after application. But it will dry beautifully. Besides, I choose the Matte finish. It still has some glare though. Not really Matte Matte.

5. Krylon Gallery Series Quick Dry for Oil Paintings

I can’t live without this product! So after I tried some quick dry medium for oil painting, I decided to try this spray. Because I don’t like any of the quick dry medium or quick dry oil paints. They smell weird and feel sticky like syrup. The most important thing is they couldn’t dry in 24 hours as advertised. Furthermore, those quick dry medium left a glossy slippery film on my canvas which I really don’t enjoy. At the beginning, I spray this product too much or too close, it gives this sticky feeling again and won’t dry in 48 hours. After several try, I find out that this product is better spray in distance. The mist comes out from the can should barely touch the canvas. You might feel you spray nothing at all and that is the ideal situation. With that little to nothing mist layer, the oil painting dries fast enough for me to work as soon as possible, depends on the thickness of the paint. Now I usually spray this product after my second and third layer of each oil painting. It works beautifully. I think I am heading to my 4th can now. Definitely better than those fast dry mediums.

6. Krylon Gallery Series Fine Art Fixatif

I just start to try this product for my gouache painting and might be pastel drawing. I need some varnish for non-oil medium. Well at least this one doesn’t shift color of my gouache painting and preserves the white. This is a good one.

7. Krylon Gallery Series UV Archival Varnish

I’ve also tried this one for my gouache painting. But, I do not recommend this one because it seems to leave a thin white film on top the surface. In another word, after applying this product I find out that my painting goes lighter, especially the dark color. I’m not sure if it is good for pastels.

8. Krylon Gallery Series Conservation Retouch Varnish

This product and the quick dry spray feel a little duplicate. I would spray this while I finish my last layer of oil painting. But I can also use the quick dry spray for it. So I might not repurchasing this one in the future. It is a good product though, work as expected and nothing wrong with it.

Hope my little summary would help you in finding the proper spray.

Thank you~


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