Dealing with online harassment on eBay

It’s been a busy and playful summer and I haven’t updated anything yet.

Just when I got a break from painting, I started to encounter with unpleasant people on eBay. The first one just want a refund but the second one was a problem. He kept sending me messages using nasty words to prove that I was stupid. At the beginning I replied and try to be polite. But soon enough I found out this would not stop him. So I searched for a solution and found out this page.

How to block users on eBay.

I followed the instruction and block that user. I also removed all his messages and stop replying to his question or old messages. So far I didn’t get any new notice from that user. I’ll keep watching.

To be honest, this is the first time that this kind of issue happened to me personally. Most of time they are polite and respectful. I guess once in a white you will meet someone who is not so pleasant to deal with. Just try to ignore and keep calm. Clear your mind and look forward.

Everything shall be fine~^_^

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