Summary of some YouTube art channels

I have been watching a lot YouTube art videos when I decided to become an artist myself. I know that sounds “instant” but during the days that I can only lay down on my bed all day due to physical issue, smartphone and YouTube was all I got.

Well I have to admit that there are zillion videos, but after period of time I am able to pick up several channels that I like and I actually learned something from them. So I think I will make a short summary here just for references.

With all the respect, no matter what the ranking is.

This guy is brilliant! His portrait, wildlife, seascape and landscape paintings are all fantastic. He also shares his tips and techniques often. Love this guy. ^_^

This is another classic master in my opinion. I like to watch his sketch and plein air gouache painting.

This guy focuses on landscape and wildlife acrylic paintings. Although I am not a big fan of his style, I like the procedure of his working and also find something I can relate to. Besides, his videos usually last an hour so plenty content in there.

She likes color pencil and acrylic. And again, although I am not a big fan of her style, she has tons of tips and other useful info in her channel such as how to make your website, how to secure your copy right and so on. Recently she is only doing live stream online and not many edited video. I’m a little upset about that 😀

This guy focuses on pastel portrait drawing and so far he is the best I have ever seen. He has this “green foundation” technique for skin tone and it blows up my mind. Because of his video I bought a set of pastel pencils. 😀

According to he himself, he painted with oil for over 20 years and recently his video focuses on pastels too. Whenever I need to see something supper realism I am looking for his video.

Another master who can do both traditional and digital paintings! Actually he is good at animation and character design. So if you are interested in this field, definitely check his channel out. I simply like how he drew things in dramatic natural light. It is more appealing to me than artificial or overcast light.

His style is totally different from everyone above. However I just love it. I don’t think I can paint in his style but I don’t know why I just love to watch him painting. LOL

This is a must have channel which loaded with information and resources. It is a free online drawing school!

This is another online school LOL. I like how he simplified everything into absolutely the basic of basic. He focuses on digital painting and design.

This is probably the earliest channel that I have ever subscribed. He is from Taiwan and I think he is the only one in Taiwan that Corel Painter will send him all products for free to use. Yes, this means he focuses on digital painting. But recently I think he is trying to get into traditional medium painting such as watercolor and oil. He doesn’t “live” on YouTube, but all the videos he has on YouTube are breath taking. I used to watched them again and again and again. I still do. XD.

I found this channel not long ago. It’s info fills my needs at the right point. And I like this style. I’ll keep watching more.

Summary, these are just “a few” channels that I watch regularly. There are still a lot on my subscription list but I don’t feel they are as important as these channels to me. I watch the others from time to time but always find myself coming back for these channels.

I hope you would enjoy this post and find something interesting.

Thank you very much~O(∩_∩)O

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