VEIKK VK2200 drawing pen display review

For the record, I’ve tried variety drawing tablets/pen display since last year. As I was not happy with Huion’s product at the end (please check out my blog for details), I started trying other brands. And this year VEIKK has a new tablet which is bigger screen than previous VK1560.

VEIKK VK2200 drawing pen display.

In general, set up is straightforward. You don’t need to assemble the supporting stand on the back. All cords are long enough for me to reach the port on my computer. They have two charging pen and two charging cords LOL. Accessories are a lot.

And to be specific,
1) I like their size. I’ve also tried Wacom Cintiq 22HD before and that one was huge and bulky. I have 3 monitors layout on my desk and Cintiq 22 was like Hulk in the middle. On the other hand, VK2200 is slim. You can carry it around much easier.

2) Their screen is better than Huion’s. I want to be as objective as possible. Huion’s drawing tablet all comes in screen protector. If you do not have a screen protector, the bare screen is just a glass which has reflection and glare. However, screen of VK2200 is very similar to Wacom Cintiq 22HD. It doesn’t have to have a screen protector. It is matte and no glare.

3) The screen texture feels not even. When I draw on it, some part of the screen is smooth and slick but some part feels scratchy. I can hear the scratch sound and if you cannot handle fingernail on glass you might want to put on your headphone. But it doesn’t affect the performance.

4) Pen is light weighted. It took me sometime to find the right adjustment. Since I am pretty light handed, I find that I have to push harder on this pen display to achieve what I want.

5) The express hot key feels mediocre. My problem with hot key is that they are not real button. I mean I like touch screen but when I’m working I don’t want to look for the hot key every time. With actual button, I can memorize their position and feel them with my finger. But with a totally flat screen, I cannot locate hot key immediately. I have to watch it. Therefore I jump back to my keyboard again.

6) This one doesn’t have flickering fine lines on screen with the charging pen. With my experience, Huion’s newly updated battery free pen can cause flickering fine lines on whole screen. Even Wacom Cintiq has this problem but much more milder. According to VEIKK customer service, they are planning upgrade the stylus pen of this product to battery free pen soon. I only hope is that they don’t have the flickering fine lines problem as Huion’s.

All in all, this is very good pen display. If you want a drawing station then this is a good choice. Big screen does make things a lot easier.

One more thing, I think I might figure out why Wacom Cintiq is so bulky. With all that extra frame and standing on the back, it is more easier to rest your arm on the table while drawing. Or you can say Cintiq is ergonomic.


Thank you.

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