Oil painting – Big tree

At the beginning I wanted to try some landscape related subject as a practice of “getting out of your comfort zone”. So I pick this tree. I started the procedure as usual and it went not bad until the moment I needed to paint leaves. I figured out the bark, the rock and the earth part, but not the leaves.

I was stuck there for some time. And I started to looking for inspiration or an example on how people painted leaves. I looked those pictures one by one online, some of them are so realistic that I don’t think I can do all those little tiny brush strokes. Some of them are so brief that kind of messy. All those different type of leaves, they all have their own beauty but I can’t imagine that I myself painted like that.

Until I saw Erin Hanson‘s landscape painting. I fall in love right away. I really like the way that she pained the leaves. (I love all the elements but for now the key point is the leaves LOL). Her leaves is not so detailed yet clean with color so it doesn’t feel fuzzy and messy. The most important thing is, I think I can go with her style of leaves.

So I tried it with this big tree painting. And I think it worked. 😀 By the way landscape is my all time fear but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to look at wonderful landscape paintings. I know I have to conquer my fear at some point. And I’m glad I did.

I hope you enjoy this piece.

Thank you.

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