Keep Calm and Carry On

At the beginning, when it was Chinese New Year, this COVID-19 virus stuff seemed far away. People around the world watched Chinese empty all face mask stock and stayed at home quarantine. At that time all over the world tried to cut off connections with China. However as this virus spreads to almost every corner of earth, things start to change. With zero local new cases everyday, Chinese people start to make fun of others.

My point is, my dear friends, this is not a funny moment for every single soul on earth, especially for those who suffer from lost of their loved ones.

But I do understand those voices out there. At the beginning, yes, it seemed China has been isolated from outside world. People may feel hurt and can not make comments until now when situation is under some control. Furthermore, with different culture and national conditions, the western people and Chinese don’t quite understand each other.

Chinese would say: Why don’t you put on your face mask?

The western people would say: Why do you put on your face mask if you are not sick?

Chinese would say: It is a respiratory disease. Cover your nose and mouth.

The western people would say: Wash your hands, the virus is concentrated on all heavily touched area.

Please take a deep breath and try to understand, my friends, people are already doing their best to deal with this virus situation. The decisions they make may not seem to make sense to you but probably would be their best move considering what they have. Again, this is not a funny moment and there is no need to make fun of others. Not even bath tissue hoarding is funny. And the most important thing is, there is no need to debate who is right and who is wrong.

Currently, some Chinese would say, why don’t you other countries, especially European and North American just copy what we have done. They say, we’ve done our homework, why don’t the whole world just copy? Wait, you still don’t want to put on that damn face mask? You couldn’t even copy? What’s wrong with you?

I have personally involved with some discussions like this and that attitude makes me uncomfortable.

When they stop flying China it doesn’t mean they don’t like you. They are scared too.

When China has no new domestic cases it doesn’t mean you’ve done right and others who don’t copy are absolutely idiot.

Vise versa, because I look like an Asian and I choose to put on a fast mask doesn’t mean I am dangerous.

Right now, what we can do is try to keep calm and take care of ourselves and our family. We don’t know when will this end but at least we are trying to live with a new life pattern.

Thanks all doctors, nurses, and scientists who work day and night.

Thanks all delivery drives who bring our orders.

Thanks many people who try to maintain a regular life routine.

May this difficult time will end soon.

May God bless us all.

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