Stay home projects

As the “shelter in place” order continues, I need lots of home projects for my little one so he doesn’t feel bored and I don’t feel too stressful.

Early this year when we traveled to a beach my little one collected some shells. Oh, lord now I miss my travel time. 😀 We haven’t got time to deal with all shells since we got back. And now is a good time.

So first, I pick out those shells which already has a hole on it. Line them up. And ask my little one to draw something on them. Well I draw some of them too because it is fun. ^_^

After that I find a piece of left over PVC pipe just the right size. Cut it short and drill it.

In the last I just need to put everything together, secure all connections. I think it is not bad as a room decor. It also makes good sound if you hang it in the middle of air. We decide to give this to my little one’s school as a gift once they are open.

We Still have lots of shells. So I looked online and inspired by this picture. The website is here.

So I try to make something similar. This time I can’t let the little one help. LOL. It would be complicated

I put them in a shadow box and give it to my mom who loves blue and white pattern. I share photo with my family and friends and now my aunt wants one too. I am working on that. 😀

PS: Don’t try to spray paint PVC pipe too much. It won’t hold…….

The supply I used:

Extra Fine Tip Paint Pens for Rock Painting,

Golden Gesso. Acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby. PVC pipe. Spray gloss acrylic finish. Kitchen and garden string.

Hope you like it. And hope everyone is doing OK while stay at home.



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