Painted sea shells in blue and white pattern

Oh, well well. First of all, thank God that I didn’t lost my sanity during lock down time, especially home school time. (T ^ T) I have these painted shells projects to help me.

At the beginning it seemed fun and OK. And then things started to go south. Finally I feel numb. I feel like the mantis in Kungfu Panda movie. When mantis was locked in a cage, that was the first time that he felt the world was going faster than him. And yes, I feel everything is going cycle really fast.

With everyone stays at home, I cannot do my regular painting in oil. I need to find something to paint in my fragmented time. So I can still feel myself. I am who I am but not just someone clean the house, dump the trash, shop groceries, cook the food, do the laundry and teach toddler kid all day long.

The idea comes from stay home project with my kid and I dig deeper. I purchased some large seashells online and prepare them — sanded lightly, drilled holes and put on gesso three times. This time I want to working on some traditional blue and white patterns. The simple color combination allows me to paint at night when everyone fall asleep.

Each shell is unique. It has its own horizontal marks. I use those marks to divide shell surface into several sections. Usually I drew a draft before hand to have a better idea what it would look like. And then I start painting with acrylic. Once finished I put on some gloss acrylic coating.

And here are what I’ve done so far.

And here are the drafts in case you want to know.

You can see that I’m trying out different color shade and subjects. At some point I don’t even know what I’m doing LOL. But at least this is what I can hold on to while stay at home.

I hope you enjoy this.

Stay safe and healthy. But also keep calm and carry on.

~Everything will be OK~

Thank you very much.

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My paintings are an outlet to express the imagination I have inside my head that I can not put into words. After trying many mediums, I always find myself coming back to paint and brushes. In my current artistic practice, I use oil paint and mainly create portraits of mythical creatures and animals transfixed in the shifting colours of seascapes and landscapes. There is a natural spirit and magic to these creatures and their energy draws me in. Choosing to paint these creatures as real living wildlife rather than abstractions, I use bold and vivid colours to express the imaginary intertwined with reality, finding magic between the seams. Using a saturated colour palette, I create bold and striking imagery, contrasted between foreground and background, subject and landscape, and light and darkness. Weaving their bodies and the surface of the landscape into each other through organic forms and flowing brush strokes, I find beauty, strength and innocence in these creatures that reflect my inner world.

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