DIY Facial Mask

Finally, after about 6 months preparation, we relocated from GA to MN.

It took 3 days for the moving company to load the truck. 3 days for us to drive up to the destination and 3 days for us to open most of boxes.

I’m glad that I still have a studio space to paint. Actually it is better than before. I just need some inner peace to help me relax. Otherwise my head is still buzzing.

So in order to warm up my hands I try to made facial mask. I use all materials that I can find at home. Some extra fabric from previous household projects. Strings from my macrame work and of course, YouTube tutorials. After watching a while I pick up the one I like and I can follow.

The first time I tried it was way too small. I used the dimension as in video but it barely fit my toddler’s face. The second time I extended the width (nose to chin) but not the length. The third time I enlarged on both sides and finally got one that can fit my own face. And then I realized my face is big….(꒪⌓꒪). So lesson learned, use you own face to measure the fabric before hand. (`・ω・´)

And I started to sew. My sewing machine was broken last December. I just use my hand and it is good exercise for my fingers. I did some changes on the chin area so it can fit better.

They are OK and can be used (on my face) LOL. I guess I can make it better if I keep practicing. But for now I really want to put some paint on my canvas and finish some paintings. ヾ(◍°∇°◍)ノ゙

PS: by the time I write this post, Target closed all stores in twin city area. I pray for all who suffered. Violence is not the way to go. This is our neighborhood now. I hope everything will back to order soon. And justice can be served.

Thank you.

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