Tibet Style Prayer Wheel Diamond Knot Decor

I’ve been in Tibet once long time ago. I love that place. I always remembered their bright five color prayer flags everywhere. Beside the river, on top of building and in the forest. Sometimes just around pile of stone pyramid. Back then I purchased a bag decor of diamond knot. It was my favorite one. It stayed with my school backpack day and night until the thread had been damaged by weather.

After all these years I never though about making one by myself. Sometimes it feels that if this diamond knot is not from Tibet, it won’t bring you any protection or luck. But as I aged these years, I understand that the process of making a diamond knot is the key to my inner peace. During this process, I, as a prayer in my heart, can feel quiet inside. So, as I happen to have some materials on hand, I start to search the tutorial. To my surprise, there are tons of pictures and videos online. I guess nowadays you can literally learn everything via internet, XD. However some of them are too difficult to follow, or without enough details explanation. I finally find one that I can figure out.

And I did~

The overall size is shown as following picture,

I’ve also made a giant one using the thick macrame thread and hang it on my front door.

The five color has their meanings in Tibet culture.

Red–> Sun and mercy,
White–> Cloud and pure,
Yellow–> Earth and Noble temperament,
Blue–> Sky and strength,
Green–> Forest and wisdom.

I hope you like this prayer wheel diamond knot too~

Thank you.

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