New family member with fur

After years of debate with other family members that we probably should have a pet, I finally step out and adopt a cat~!

I never have a family pet before. When I was little I stayed with my grandma. One of her neighbors had a cat. I was so eager to pet that cat so I brought all my fish jerky with me and played around neighbors’ doorway. The cat which was smart would try to get all my snacks and run away before I tried to pet it. When I was in graduate school in upstate New York, one of my lab mate had two cats in her apartment. We all loved to visit her after class or on weekends. Her cats would sniff all guests’ shoes and walked around like queens. And before we moved to MN, one of our friends also has a cat. I remembered that 3 or 4 toddlers chased the cat high and low during their house warming party. LOL

I also love dog and would want to own a dog. However, with one preschooler and one toddler on hand, I don’t think I will have enough energy to walk the dog everyday. Not right now. Maybe when kids are older. ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ.

So I decide to start with a cat. When I was in GA, there were 2 cats roaming around our house and eventually came to our door for food. I gave them food and water everyday on my patio. One cat was very sweet and easy going. It would came to my lap and allowed me to pet. The other one however, was very anxious. It would wait until midnight to finish the food and water. It didn’t come any closer. And I’ve noticed that it had one blind eye. I could only guess that the cat was traumatized before. I was thinking about adopting the sweet one. But I was pregnant at that time and all family members said no. At last, our neighbor adopted the sweet one. I could see it from our backyard from time to time.

The sweet cat came to me in GA

When I searched on animal shelter’s website, I noticed this one which is similar as the sweet cat that came to me. Her name is Naomi Campbell. LOL. I was lucky enough to be the first in line to go through all process with Feline Rescue and brought her home last week.

Naomi Campbell, adopted from Feline Rescue

She spent the first 2 days under my master bed, the next 2 days in my master bathroom. I received Feliway diffuser on day 5 and she was exploring downstairs on day 6. On day 7, she starts to mark everywhere in the house including people.

At the beginning I didn’t get the litter she used to. So she found her own secret spot to do her business. I have to order a black light flash light to pin point the urine stain because there is no visible color change on the carpet. At some point I literally lay down and sniff the highly suspect area inch by inch. XD. After I change the litter type she starts to use the litter box right away. Before Naomi, I thought there was only one product out on the market called “cat litter”. I was totally lost when I search online and in store. Litter brands are more than baby’s diaper choice I think.

Now I’m trying to let her switch to the litter type that I prefer. She would follow me everywhere. Kids are excited. I’m happy that they would have a memory of growing up with a family pet.

Welcome home, Naomi~ ❤


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