Some of my wood works

One day when I watched TV with my husband in our previous house in GA, he said “you should get a bookshelf for your office area.” I answered, “I can build one by myself. I love wood works.” He replied “Nah, you are just saying, you can’t do such thing like that.”

I looked at him and answered seriously “I WILL build a bookshelf by myself.”

Before I said that I had zero experience with wood work. We have some simple woodworking tools but never though to build a furniture. But I accepted the challenge. I started to search online for plans, tips, tutorials. I visited local hardware stores every other day looking for materials and wrote down all numbers at night.

Once I got start, I couldn’t stop. I kept building more and more furniture’s until at one moment my husband said “please, we don’t need any more furniture now.” LOL Even the stuff in my local hardware stores knew me, they asked me every time “what are you building now” “Are you still building something?” Haha.

Most of my furniture’s plan can be found on Ana White’s website. I love her plans because they are friendly for beginners and hobbyist like me. They are free and easy to understand. People also share their works on the website so you can see different style and get inspiration.

Here was my first solo project, cubby bookshelf for my office area.

I learned a lot from this project. After this I built a shoe rack and corner shelf.

I also built something for my kiddo. A stepper with storage room, a chalkboard easel, an art table with chair and a bench with toy storage bins.

It was painted with black chalk paint. But the problem was that it was dusty indoor while using. We had to put it in garage.

More things are coming, an end table for my living room.

Some other stuff, moving cart for my mom in the kitchen (yes I built the frame in background too, that one was red oak, really heavy. I’ve done a lot frames.) and transport cart in garage.

My most ambitious project was the queen size bed for guest room. I made the head board, tail board and frame separately. I carried everything from basement to second floor by myself and installed it with my husband. (Yes I also built the sewing table beside window. It is narrow but works. ^_^)

If I had some free time next year I would build a garden enclosure in my backyard so I can grow some herbs. But, I don’t know yet. ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I had a lot of fun from doing these wood work. Learned a lot. Sometimes got frustrated. But all these experience helps me a lot later when I did my own painting panels and drying rack.

I hope you enjoy these wood works too. O(∩_∩)O

Thank you.

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