My favorite cookie/cake art channels and more

One day a video jumped into my YouTube feed. I fall in love with it right away. And then You Tube starts to feed me more about cake/ cookie decoration channels. And here are the two I love most.

Yuyu’s Sugar Art 【Yuyuのお砂糖アート】

One of her videos–>

Isn’t that amazing~! That is a cookie~! Oh holy lord~! I can watch her video for hours because it is so relaxing. There is also a Japanese cookie decoration artist similar to her. But I like her style better. Maybe because it is more romantic?

Hải Nguyễn Nicecake

One of her videos–>

I’ve looked some other cake decoration channels before this one. Still, I love this one better because I love her color combination. It is also relaxing to watch. How she made the flowers and painted with frosting. ❤

And I tried to decorate some cookies using the icing I made. I can only get something like this–>

Well, at least kids like them. Haha~

These cookie/cake decoration videos make me think about painting that way. I searched and I found out someone did!

Caroline Larsen

Carrie Smith

Well Carrie’s style is truly “frosting”, personally I prefer Caroline’s work. Maybe because it is more like a constructed picture?

I also tried to make 3D liner with oil paint. There are lots of 3D liner products for acrylic painting but I couldn’t find one made for oil painting. I try to combine oil paint, impasto medium and stand oil, mixing it well and put it into a self made plastic cone like icing bag. I think the idea is similar as Henna tattoo, the pigment mixture in a cone for painting/drawing.

It somehow worked. I’m not 100% satisfied with the results yet. So I am going to try more. It looks interesting and I’m curious. 😀

Hope you find this post delicious~ O(∩_∩)O

Thank you.

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