Abstract painting study

First day of new year~!

I did my first “abstract” painting study. The reference photo was texture of metal rust. Well for me it was the most “abstract” picture I can understand. So I thought why not try? I have to try it at some point. However in the beginning I had no idea what I was doing. It was not like an animal or still life that I can easily land my eyes on a certain area. I was all over the canvas yet nothing progressed. I tried different methods to approach the effect of the reference photo but only realized later that I had to move away from it.

I had to focus on the canvas and what was on it. I had to paint the way that I felt it would look better.

So I did. I put on the paint and followed my guts. And even I finished the painting I was not sure if it was really the end point. I just can’t work on it any longer. >///< It won’t get any better if I kept working on it.

Here it is~

I hope you can have some metal rust feeling. That means I’m not too far from what it supposes to be.

ㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ

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I was a chemistry student. After working in industry for a while, I struggle with myself for a really long time. I try to get my mind straight and I finally realize that I want to create in terms of painting and drawing. Although I know that I start it late, I want to keep moving forward. Even just a little bit everyday.

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