How can i paint a jumping spider “Cute”

One day I caught up a video on YouTube called “Lucas the spider“. I’m not sure if Lucas is a jumping spider, but look at an example of their videos,

I was really interested in this concept. And Lucas the spider just “cute”, especially the voice. To be honest, I can’t deal with insects. I’m OK with butterfly (not caterpillar stage) and bees as long as they don’t bother me. But more legs they have more fears I grow. I believe spider is my bottom line because I know people keep spider as pet. And I love to watch Charlotte’s web.

So after watching the video my question is, how could I paint a CUTE spider?

I have some reference photos of jumping spider I think. And my initial though was using a palette that was not “spider” color. But the colors can’t be too loud or too strong. Everything has to be soft and subtle in order to have some “cute” feeling. I finally decided to go with pink. I choose a pinkish/princess feeling color palette to paint a spider. But I forgot they have eight legs. In the first color layer the rare half of its body overwhelmed the whole picture. I checked back with Lucas and found out that they focused on Lucas’s big eyes and “face”. Only 4 eyeballs out of 8 can be seen directly on Lucas. So I tried to soft the rare body of the spider and made it more subtle. That worked. At least to me the whole picture looked better.

Here I present a pink spider painting~

I hope you can enjoy this piece. Well you don’t have to feel it is cute, but as long as you don’t feel “yak”, then I think my work is done. And I’ve reached my bottom line. I would go no further on insects LOL.

Thank you.

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