Oil painting Gaudi park guell mosaic pattern

After we relocated to MN last year, I wanted to paint something for our home. I used to put some posters in frames and hanged them on wall. But now I decided to have at least one real painting. The good news is I can paint it by myself now. 😀

I pick up this beautiful mosaic pattern from Gaudi park guell in Barcelona, Spain for this 24″ by 36″ painting. This is my first trying of 24″ by 36″ and it is big for my compact working space. I think this would be the largest size I can handle for now. If the canvas size goes bigger then I need to find a bigger place first, haha.

Every time I try a larger size painting, I always start with pattern such as the one for my husband’s new office. By doing pattern only, I can focus on painting the large canvas first. I can focus on how much paint I need, how long it would take, how to deal with the canvas and so on. I don’t have to struggle with light and shadow, color depth etc. The goal is to get familiar with the new size and understand how it goes from the beginning to the end, framing. So in the future, if I want to paint some bigger canvas, I know what I would need.

This mosaic pattern from Gaudi park guell turns out as expected.

I use several offset clips to secure the painting on to a frame and wire it.

To be honest, I think this size is still relatively small compare to the wall. Well, at least I’m not planning on fill the entire wall. By the way, I list this framed painting in my Artfinder store. This is not a “product” for sale as my plan, I am just curious if anyone is interested. ^_^

Because, getting familiar with new canvas size also means I need to figure out how to ship it. And I have to figure out how to ship it by put it into such scenario, including package size, weight, carrier, cost etc……

I hope you enjoy this painting. It is currently hanging in my living room.

Maybe one day I’ll visit Gaudi park guell in person. But I don’t expect anytime soon…

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