Another portrait painting for my cat

Me and my soul

It has been almost a year since Naomi came to our home. She likes the big window at staircase platform. In the afternoon the staircase platform is full of sunlight, perfect for sunbathing. She can stay there for hours. One day I noticed that she and her shadow on the wall formed an interesting pair. I tried to take a photo. Luckily, she posed the way I needed.

Naomi at staircase platform

So, I paint another little portrait for her, “Me and my soul”. The previous one is here.

In the past 12 months, I always feel like she is another me in a cat shell. She just can’t talk. But she is a curious kid with some rebellion spirit. She definitely knows what I don’t like. She dose it anyway to see if I REALLY don’t like it. And for the most of time, she is a sweet girl who likes rubber wristband. Seriously, she would collect every rubber wristband in the house. This confuse me a lot but I try not to “understand” it. 😀

There is always an inner “me” in every cat. I hope she enjoys our home so far.

This portrait painting is part of an online exhibition “Pets” at Exhibizone.

Please take a moment and look through all the amazing artworks about our pets.

Thank you.

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My paintings are an outlet to express the imagination I have inside my head that I can not put into words. After trying many mediums, I always find myself coming back to paint and brushes. In my current artistic practice, I use oil paint and mainly create portraits of mythical creatures and animals transfixed in the shifting colours of seascapes and landscapes. There is a natural spirit and magic to these creatures and their energy draws me in. Choosing to paint these creatures as real living wildlife rather than abstractions, I use bold and vivid colours to express the imaginary intertwined with reality, finding magic between the seams. Using a saturated colour palette, I create bold and striking imagery, contrasted between foreground and background, subject and landscape, and light and darkness. Weaving their bodies and the surface of the landscape into each other through organic forms and flowing brush strokes, I find beauty, strength and innocence in these creatures that reflect my inner world.