Wood stick crafts from our backyard maple tree

In April my husband decided to chop down one of our backyard trees in order to give our boy more soccer practice space. It was a small maple tree. By small I mean we can handle it ourselves. Therefore, we got a lot of branches. I get a little excited about all those wood sticks. They makes me want to do some crafts in no time.

Tree part

Idea part

I look through Pinterest for two days and collect some ideas that I like.

Making part

Then I start to pick materials from the medium size branch pile. It was raining for weeks so I had to let them dry in garage for couple of days. I use a military knife to peel these sticks and saw them into proper length. After sanding them smoothly I seal the wood with boiled linseed oil. The wood itself has gorgeous white base so I don’t want to stain it with other color.

Unpeeled wood sticks on left/Unfinished wood sticks on right/The bottom part of the stick in middle is fully sanded but without linseed oil

The cutting, peeling and sanding get dusty. But I can’t wait to make something. The first one I made is a décor for our front door. I use the macramé ropes. These ropes are purchased long time ago for my Tibetan style prayer wheel project. Therefore they are in red, yellow, white, blue, green and black. The second one is smaller. The pattern is burned on it. I want to make it a little tribe feeling. When I look for a pendant for the tail part I find the bone ring I made when I was in Atlanta, GA. The bone pendant is a perfect fit!

Actually I save a box of cow bone pieces. I bought cow bones from local market for soup back then. After removing all tissue by slow cooker, those bones look nice and sleek. So I save them. I just don’t have a proper tool to cut them into small pieces so I can make bone pendant.

Right now I am working on two hiking sticks for my kids. I also want to make some wood stick frames, macramé sticks, wood stick fishes and more. A lot to do, haha.

I hope you enjoy these little crafts.

Thank you.

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