You could also check out my latest works at here.

You could also check out my posts at here.

  • Oil painting Gaudi park guell mosaic pattern
    After we relocated to MN last year, I wanted to paint something for our home. I used to put some posters in frames and hanged them on wall. But now I decided to have at least one real painting. The good news is I can paint it by myself now. 😀 I pick up this […]
  • Oil painting toilet paper – Treasure of 2020
    Probably no one would expect that toilet paper could create such drama before year 2020. Yet anything could happen and we went right through it. When the shortage crisis started to spread, we thought it was rumor. How could those bath tissue had anything to do with pandemic? Yet the theory of chaos proved that […]
  • New Experiment with Japanese Yuzen style
    Finally, in July 2021, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Game is on. But long before this Olympic Game I was interested in all kinds of Japanese art and craft works. I like the washi paper, parquet work, lacquerware and kimono and so on. Among those fantastic works I love Yuzen painting style the most. Background story Yuzen […]

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