Now getting ready for Father’s Day~ ❤

  • Wood sticks with macramé
    Continue with last post, I made more wood stick crafts with macramé. I believe the interest of macramé comes from my childhood. Back then every girl in school liked to make own bracelet and personal backpack decoration with colorful cord. In college one of my classmate could make really complicated traditional Chinese macramé. I learned […]
  • Wood stick crafts from our backyard maple tree
    In April my husband decided to chop down one of our backyard trees in order to give our boy more soccer practice space. It was a small maple tree. By small I mean we can handle it ourselves. Therefore, we got a lot of branches. I get a little excited about all those wood sticks. […]
  • Movable color palette on a magnetic board
    This is one of my rough ideas, a movable color palette on a magnetic board. So you can play around little color blocks as you wish. Materials Magnetic Board 2. Magnetic Label Holders 3. Swatch book Result Summary I got the color swatch book of Behr paint from Home depot. It was 20 bucks online. […]

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