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You could also check out my posts at here.

  • Gold paint/pigment review
    I used to know there is only one gold shade on earth which is gold brick gold. Soon after I start to paint I realize that I need a gold paint. I search for them, buy some of them, try them. They are all different. There are no two identical gold shades. Because I paint […]
  • Art progress in 4 years update
    I can’t believe how much time has past since I deeply focus on painting itself. Only when I look back I can see my art progress along these years. In 2017 when I just started I had no idea what my path would be, but now when I look at my folders I have better […]
  • Fun tracking USPS International package route
    Soon after I joined Artfinder early this year, I have a few overseas orders. Although the transit time of international shipping is slow, it is also interesting to track my painting go around world. And then I start to notice some sort of pattern of the shipping route of USPS. To United Kingdom Everything from […]

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