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  • Follow up on “Info collection of Gallery at Madrid”
    The original post of “Info collection of Gallery at Madrid” has been removed as requested of Gallery which starts with letters between L and P. Instead of asking/requesting me to remove the post, they demand in a way such as, Cyber harassing and cyber stalking Demanding my personal information Trying to locate my position Threating […]
  • Info collection of Gallery at Austria
    Disclaimer This post is to share the information I received in my email. I am not responsible for any conclusion or decision you made based on these information. I am also not making any judgmental statement. All information is to help anyone who may receive the similar email so they know they are not alone. […]
  • My first official commission project
    The first time I was contacted by someone who was interested in commission was at least a year ago. However, the stories only had beginning but never had ending. For example, They would ask “Do you accept commission?” I answered “Yes. Please tell me what subject you have in mind and what is the ideal […]

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