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  • “Cat judge” Fantasy oil painting
    Initial thoughts This cat’s eyes remind me judge only. So it needs judge’s outfit. Nowadays, judges in United States don’t wear wig anymore. But I simply like the outfit with wig, it looks so cool and feels so antique. Thus I pick up this type of outfit just like judges in United Kingdom. According to […]
  • “White tiger and goldfish visitor” Fantasy oil painting
    The story The white tiger is resting in forest. Little wild flowers under its paws. It is getting dark. White tiger feels sleepy. Suddenly, it senses light. White tiger opens its eyes and lift its head, trying to find the light source. Then it sees a magical goldfish flying this way. Glowing with warm yellow […]
  • “Turtle house” Fantasy oil painting
    The story It is a giant empty turtle shell. Someone changes it into a cozy little home in the middle of woods. At the bottom there are piles of rocks to lift it above the ground. Inside the shell there is a bed, a chair, a room divider/curtain, a celling light, some food storage and […]

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