Heat wave is here~ ❤

  • Playground abstract painting series (2)
    The first piece of this series, Playground blue can be found here. Here are the rest of this series, Playground green, yellow and red. I name them according to the major background color. I love them all~ Digital sketch Here are digital sketch I made on Procreate for these oil paintings. Time lapse videos of […]
  • Digital sketch time lapse with Procreate (5)
    This post is to share time lapse digital sketch process of my oil painting Playground series. The first time lapse video can be found here. I hope you enjoy them and thank you for your support.
  • Etched and painted wood stick
    OK, I have to admit that I am really having fun with these wood sticks. 😀 I have no plan for this stick. I just play with it. After etching some tribe style patterns I apply a little wood stain. But I am not satisfied with the monochrome color. So I draw on it with […]

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