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  • “Angel and demon” fantasy oil painting
    Initial thoughts The idea of “Angel and demon” appears at the moment I found this reference photo. Two tigers fight. One could be white with angel wings, the other could be black with demon snake tail. The feathered wings come from mythical creature Griffin. And the snake tail comes from another mythical creature Chimera. Interesting … Read more
  • Fantasy oil painting “Miniature horse”
    Initial thoughts The author of sci-fiction “Three Body Problem”, Liu, Cixin (刘慈欣) also has written many other fictions. One of them mentioned a miniature Pegasus that was created by a biologist. The miniature Pegasus could run on a desk and ate fruits. I like this idea. It has been over a decade since the first … Read more
  • Fantasy oil painting “Encounter brown bear and grey wolf”
    Initial thoughts The general idea of bear and wolf meeting each other started with movie “The Call of The Wild (2020)”. When Buck (the dog) became the leader of the wolf pack, he scared away the brown bear which used to terrify the wolves. It was a nice scene and I saved a screenshot. ⬇ … Read more

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