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Upcoming show: Abstract and Fantasy solo show
Duration: May 8th – Jun 8th, 2023

  • Fantasy oil painting “Bee house”
    Initial thoughts The idea comes from Bug hotel. Although I am not a fan of bugs, I think this idea is cute and brilliant. So I made a house for bees. The house has no perfect straight-line. It looks crooked, unregulated. It is made of clay and wood pieces. The bee house only has windows, […]
  • Fantasy oil painting “Leopard woman”
    Background In 2002, animation version of <The Twelve Kingdoms> began to broadcast. At that time, I was not so interested in this story because the author, Fuyumi Ono (小野不由美) clearly borrowed almost entire mythology concept from ancient Chinese tales and history. The landscape, the names, the mystery creatures, the buildings and many many things are […]
  • Fantasy oil painting “Owl messenger”
    Initial thoughts I love to paint owl. I have ink drawing, gouache painting and oil painting owls. This time I want to challenge myself to paint an owl with its wings and body, not just a big face and partial body. I also want to put this owl into a story scene. Therefore I choose […]

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