Fall season, leaves are changing color~! ❤

  • A tip for cleaning up dirty oil color palette
    Method I found out this trick to clean up dirty oil paint palette by accident. One time I left a puddle of acrylic paint in a tray and forgot it. The next day when I peeled off dry acrylic paint film, it lifted the old oil paint residue on palette beautifully. I tried several times […]
  • Review me on Observica Magazine Spring 2022
    Application I applied “10th Review Me” via CaFE website this spring. It took a long long time to go through the entire process step by step. Once selected, the publication fee is $300.00. I also find someone on Fiverr to help me polish all text answers. It is another $75. Publication During the draft review […]
  • Fantasy oil painting “On-Meow-Ji”
    Background Onmyōji (陰陽師) was one of the official positions belonging to the Bureau of Onmyō [ja] of the Ministry of the Center under the ritsuryō system in ancient Japan, and was assigned as a technical officer in charge of divination and geomorphology based on the theory of the yin-and-yang five phases. In the middle ages […]

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