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You could also check out my posts at here.

  • Fun tracking USPS International package route
    Soon after I joined Artfinder early this year, I have a few overseas orders. Although the transit time of international shipping is slow, it is also interesting to track my painting go around world. And then I start to notice some sort of pattern of the shipping route of USPS. To United Kingdom Everything from […]
  • Sentiment Collection with BICKERTON-GRACE GALLERY
    Early this year I received invitation from BICKERTON-GRACE GALLERY in London. They have a sentiment collection on going. I am one of their 100 artists who participate in this project. It looks very interesting to me. I wrote the Q & A, picked some artwork photos and took my selfie. Then I shipped one 24″ […]
  • Follow up on “Info collection of Gallery at Madrid”
    The original post of “Info collection of Gallery at Madrid” has been removed as requested of Gallery which starts with letters between L and P. Instead of asking/requesting me to remove the post, they demand in a way such as, Cyber harassing and cyber stalking Demanding my personal information Trying to locate my position Threating […]

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