Ready~ Back to painting~ ❤ (๑´ㅂ`๑)

  • Japanese Yuzen style painting for year of tiger 2022
    After the four seasons series I have one panel left. So I thought to celebrate the new year. 2022 is year of tiger. Japanese people celebrate the new year as the calendar we use now (Gregorian calendar). On the other hand Chinese people celebrate their new year as Lunar calendar. It will be Feb 1st, […]
  • Freehand gold pigment doddle artwork
    When I painted the gold outline for my Yuzen style hexagon painting, I mixed way to much gold paint. After I finished all hexagon panels I still have a big puddle left in the special container for gold paint. Then again, I don’t want to waste it. But I don’t have any other ongoing painting […]
  • Oil painting – Flying turtle
    I love turtle. I want to paint a turtle but I don’t want to paint it in water. I guess every time when I see the word “turtle” I think about sea water. So I want to try something different. When I watched the kid’s show “Wild Kratts” on PBS with my little ones, I […]

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