Current show: Winter Wonderland: Animals + Habitat
Duration: Now – Feb 16, 2023
Current show: Winter blue
Duration: Jan 21st – Feb 24th, 2023
Upcoming show: Little gems
Duration: Feb 10th – March

  • Mixed media painting with collage “Ramen noodle” series
    Background Ramen (/ˈrɑːmən/) (拉麺, ラーメン or らーめん, rāmen, IPA: [ɾaꜜːmeɴ]) is a Japanese noodle dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles (or 中華麺, chūkamen) served in a broth; common flavors are soy sauce and miso, with typical toppings including sliced pork (chāshū), nori (dried seaweed), menma (bamboo shoots), and scallions. Ramen has its roots in […]
  • Digital sketch time lapse with Procreate (13)
    This post is for time lapse videos of digital sketch “Ramen noodle” series, including “Beef”, “Chicken”, “Shrimp” and “Vegetable”.
  • Oil painting “Under the sea coral reef” series
    Initial thought The coral reef comes across my mind when I am watching some documentary films about ocean ecosystem. I have always felt that ocean is part of me since I grew up at a coastal city. One of my uncles who is in his 60s still dives down into the sea every single day […]

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