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You could also check out my posts at here.

  • Trying out pink underpainting
    I tried pink underpaintings with these four pieces. Finished paintings I often see artists laying out pink/magenta underpainting on canvas. They often leave some pink/magenta edges in the following layers. It makes the painting very interesting because you can see through the warm and saturate underneath color. I am curious about this pink/magenta base color […]
  • Make cancer less scary-UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center donation event
    Couple of months ago I was contact by someone from UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center via my Etsy shop. They are hosting an event called “Make cancer less scary”. Generally they are asking for artist’s artwork images and let people vote for their favorite one. Each vote comes with 5 dollar donation to the cancer center. […]
  • Portrait painting for my little girl
    Last time when I took my little girl for 18 month check, we waited a while in the patient room. I tried to keep her in good mood and she was laughing. I took several photos with my phone and thought maybe I can paint a little portrait for her. This is considered as a […]

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