Now getting ready for Father’s Day~ ❤

  • Etched and painted wood stick
    OK, I have to admit that I am really having fun with these wood sticks. 😀 I have no plan for this stick. I just play with it. After etching some tribe style patterns I apply a little wood stain. But I am not satisfied with the monochrome color. So I draw on it with […]
  • Experimental project with wood, macramé, mosaic and painting
    The goal of this experimental project is straightforward. I want to try to combine several elements into one project, including oil painting, wood burning, mosaic and macramé. Mosaic is kind of new to me but I think the idea is similar to cross stitch. Materials 1. Wood tray 2. Cradled gesso board 5″×7″ 3. Tiny […]
  • Wood sticks with macramé
    Continue with last post, I made more wood stick crafts with macramé. I believe the interest of macramé comes from my childhood. Back then every girl in school liked to make own bracelet and personal backpack decoration with colorful cord. In college one of my classmate could make really complicated traditional Chinese macramé. I learned […]

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