Current show: Shapes & Colors
Duration: March 1st – March 31s

  • Fantasy oil painting “Rabbits moon”
    Background There is a rabbit on moon. Everyone knows that fairy tale when I was little. The rabbit on moon is an Asian folklore. We call it “月兔 (yue-tu)“ or “玉兔 (yu-tu)“ in Chinese. The rabbit is a pharmacist that helps medicine preparation. This year 2023 is year of Rabbit so I want to paint […]
  • Fantasy oil painting “Mirror dimension”
    Initial thoughts One day I found this free stock photo of two red foxes. I like it. These two red foxes have a potential story to tell. So I want to explore that story a little further. Rather than just two ordinary foxes meet each other in the wild, I try to make one of […]
  • Fantasy oil painting “Broccoli forest”
    Initial thoughts In YouTube kid’s videos they often ask “What is green and looks like a little tree?” My toddler would say “Broccoli!” Yes. I know it looks like a little tree. But how about turn them into real size of a big tree? And not just one giant broccoli tree but a forest. A […]

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