Here are some of my commissioned works. Please use my Contact page or forward to my Artfinder store for commission request.

Commissioned artwork general quote

(Oil painting)

Listing Price
50% Deposit
(US Domestic, USD)
(International, USD)
Payment method PayPal
Processing time4 ~ 6 weeks ( including drying)
Shipping carrierUSPS/UPS with signature

An example of commissioned artwork work flow

  • You contact me via my website or my Artfinder store regarding your interested subject, budget, medium and any special request etc., along with several reference photos attached.
  • I will draw a concept digital sketch based on your information. This digital sketch is for both of us to visualize the whole concept, composition, color theme etc. Please keep in mind that you won’t see too much fine details such as fur or whisker in this sketch.
  • If you like the digital sketch, then I will send you a contract for both sides to sign. On Artfinder I will make a commission proposal. Please keep in mind that you do not have any obligation for this digital sketch. We won’t proceed to next step if you don’t like the sketch. 😀
  • Both sides agree with the contract and sign.
  • You pay for the 50% upfront deposit. Once the deposit is received, I’ll start working on real canvas. Please keep in mind that the deposit is non refundable. In case you don’t want the finished painting, I will keep the deposit to cover my expense.
  • Work in progress. Please keep in mind that the average processing time might be shorter than I mentioned above. I always put extra days in case of any unexpected happens.
  • After the painting is done. I will take a high resolution photo for archival purpose. The painting itself will be protected by retouch varnish.
  • You pay for the rest 50% right before shipping.
  • Once the final payment is received, I’ll package and ship your painting. It will always require a recipient’s signature as proof of delivery no matter which carrier I use.
  • You receive the painting. ❤
PayPal QR code for commission deposit and final payment

Note: The reason why I include Artfinder here is because they have a straight forward and easy to use commission system. Yes they will take commission fee after the final sale. But if you feel more comfortable working with me via a platform, they will be my choice. 😀

Examples of digital sketch

In case you want to know what the digital sketch looks like, I post some example images here. And you can compare to the final painting above.

Thank you for your support!