You could also check out my latest works at here.

You could also check out my posts at here.

  • Oil painting the mythical big cat
    I love big cats. One day I happened to find some snap photos online for some hybrid lion/tiger. Such as–> I love the appearance of these hybrid big cat but I can’t find more clear photos in high resolution. I wanted to create one myself and actually painted it. I started with regular ginger color […]
  • Green foundation in figure oil painting
    After using green foundation technique for pastel portrait drawing, I wanted to try it with oil paint. Cuong Nguyen has 3 videos for an oil painting portrait. I tried with his palette using burnt umber, ivory black, yellow oxide and titanium white. However, mine is not as “green” as his on canvas. Mine was more […]
  • Art progress in 4 years
    I can’t believe how much time has past since I deeply focus on painting itself 😀 In 2017 when I just started I had no idea what my path would be, but now when I look at my folders I have better concept than before. Here I put some image comparison of my art progress […]

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